Behind The Drinks

What cocktail did the great women drink?

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Behind The Drinks

What cocktail did the great women drink?

Over the years, in my long career as a mixologist and bartender, when I had a dead moment at the bar, I found myself imagining - what all kinds of larger-than-life characters would be drinking - if they walked into the bar right now. So, in honor of Women's Day, I took these daydreams one step further, I chose five prominent and admired women in particular, and I thought about what they would drink to enjoy themselves...

Kim Kardashian - the entrepreneur, the influencer, the model, the fashion designer, and recently also a lawyer who promotes the reform of prisons in the USA, states quite often that she only drinks on special occasions. So a pineapple margarita is a perfect choice for a special occasion in sunny Los Angeles; The lightness, the tropics and the sophisticated leg cup - accurate to Miss Kardashian, to the exotic-intelligent chic of the newly divorced.

Professor Ruth Bader Ginsburg - the American Jewish jurist, human rights activist and US Supreme Court judge, who worked to promote equality and women's rights, through the law and by changing the law, was probably a sinner at times in our 'Green Tea Martini'. The dominant ingredient in it, besides the green gin, is the sherry-brandy, which is a favorite of Jewish-American ladies, especially those whose roots are in Eastern Europe.
Rosa Parks - the African-American legend from Montgomery, Alabama, who refused to vacate her seat in favor of a white man standing in front of her, thus leading to the repeal of interracial legislation in public transportation in the US, would probably have chosen the 'Gold Fashion' from the Spicehouse cocktail menu. Bourbon flavors - The southern corn whiskey at the base of the cocktail would have reminded her of home, along with the rye whiskey, Corbusier, rum and coffee.
Frida Kahlo - the revolutionary Mexican painter, who was a multi-faceted personality full of contrasts, was indeed born into the revolution in Mexico but was very connected to the people and their ethnic roots. The 'Woodstock Daisy' is the cocktail that suited her character - the Anijo tequila from her homeland, with chili, Campari and passion fruit, as spicy and pungent as her creation.
Virginia Woolf asked in 1928 in her kick-ass book 'A Room of Your Own', an equally kicking question: "Why do men drink wine and women drink water?" The British writer, spicy, powerful, who fled from London in order not to go crazy with the stimuli of the city, would probably choose a 'Negroni', a stiff cocktail in a lowball glass, which matches the mouthpiece with the cigarette that is so characteristic of her, and combines the British gin with Campari vermouth red.
And in the utopian hope that next year we will no longer have to celebrate such a day, because there will be absolute equality between the sexes...but in the meantime, an idea is brewing for a collection of cocktails that will be brewed accordingly and in the name of women who made history.
For the lives of all women, those with us and those who are not!