Behind The Drinks

Bubbly Negroni recipe

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Behind The Drinks

Bubbly Negroni recipe

The Negroni is a century-old cocktail that has burst back into consciousness in the last decade. It is a favorite of bartenders since it is easy to remember its portions 30:30:30 ml of Campari Gin and red Vermouth.

Hundreds of different versions have been launched and they all work! White Negroni, Negroni splash, Boulevardier (bourbon-based Negroni), barrel-aged Negroni, mezcal and more...

The choice of gin is extremely important, the taste will not work for you if you use a low-quality gin, I recommend using Bombay Spear, Hendricks or Tanqueray.

Contrary to what most people know, it can be made without Campari on the basis of other bitter drinks such as Martini Bitter, Iron Rosso, Galliano, Sox and others.


I made you a light non-orthodox negroni recipe, a homemade one that will amaze those who understand! And simply delicious and suitable for the climate

Unites two very different types of lovers on the one hand the Negroni lovers and on the other hand the Aperol Spritz lovers

Negroni Sbagliato splash cocktail


30 ml martini bitters/campari

30 ml red vermouth

45 ml Prosecco

Orange peel or red grapefruit

Tools: a low glass and a mixing spoon

Combine the Vermouth and the Campari in a glass full of ice, fill to the top with sparkling wine, stir to combine and add ice cubes to fill the space of the glass completely, squeeze the orange peel over the rim of the glass to release the oil from the peel to the rim of the glass, throw the peel in and serve

Happy Negroni holiday!